Supplements – Song of Prayer – 2. Forgiveness – Introduction Forgiveness offers wings to prayer, to make its rising easy and its progress swift. 2 Without its strong support it would be vain to try to rise above prayer's bottom step, or even to attempt to climb at all. 3 Forgiveness is prayer's ally; sister in the plan for your salvation. 4 Both must come to hold you up and keep your feet secure; your purpose steadfast and unchangeable. 5 Behold the greatest help that God ordained to be with you until you reach to Him. 6 Illusion's end will come with this. 7 Unlike the timeless nature of its sister, prayer, forgiveness has an end. 8 For it becomes unneeded when the rising up is done. 9 Yet now it has a purpose beyond which you cannot go, nor have you need to go. 10 Accomplish this and you have been redeemed. 11 Accomplish this and you have been transformed. 12 Accomplish this and you will save the world.

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What Is A Course in Miracles?

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