A Course in Miracles – Workbook Lesson 59

The following ideas are for review today:

W-pI.59.1. (41) God goes with me wherever I go.

2 How can I be alone when God always goes with me? 3 How can I be doubtful and unsure of myself when perfect certainty abides in Him? 4 How can I be disturbed by anything when He rests in me in absolute peace? 5 How can I suffer when love and joy surround me through Him? 6 Let me not cherish illusions about myself. 7 I am perfect because God goes with me wherever I go.

W-pI.59.2. (42) God is my strength. 2 Vision is His gift.

3 Let me not look to my own eyes to see today. 4 Let me be willing to exchange my pitiful illusion of seeing for the vision that is given by God. 5 Christ's vision is His gift, and He has given it to me. 6 Let me call upon this gift today, so that this day may help me to understand eternity.

W-pI.59.3. (43) God is my Source. 2 I cannot see apart from Him.

3 I can see what God wants me to see. 4 I cannot see anything else. 5 Beyond His Will lie only illusions. 6 It is these I choose when I think I can see apart from Him. 7 It is these I choose when I try to see through the body's eyes. 8 Yet the vision of Christ has been given me to replace them. 9 It is through this vision that I choose to see.

W-pI.59.4. (44) God is the light in which I see.

2 I cannot see in darkness. 3 God is the only light. 4 Therefore, if I am to see, it must be through Him. 5 I have tried to define what seeing is, and I have been wrong. 6 Now it is given me to understand that God is the light in which I see. 7 Let me welcome vision and the happy world it will show me.

W-pI.59.5. (45) God is the Mind with which I think.

2 I have no thoughts I do not share with God. 3 I have no thoughts apart from Him, because I have no mind apart from His. 4 As part of His Mind, my thoughts are His and His Thoughts are mine.

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