A Course in Miracles – Workbook Lesson 87

Our review today will cover these ideas:

W-pI.87.1. (73) I will there be light.

2 I will use the power of my will today. 3 It is not my will to grope about in darkness, fearful of shadows and afraid of things unseen and unreal. 4 Light shall be my guide today. 5 I will follow it where it leads me, and I will look only on what it shows me. 6 This day I will experience the peace of true perception.

W-pI.87.2. These forms of this idea would be helpful for specific applications:

2 This cannot hide the light I will to see.
3 You stand with me in light, [name].
4 In the light this will look different.

W-pI.87.3. (74) There is no will but God's.

2 I am safe today because there is no will but God's. 3 I can become afraid only when I believe there is another will. 4 I try to attack only when I am afraid, and only when I try to attack can I believe that my eternal safety is threatened. 5 Today I will recognize that all this has not occurred. 6 I am safe because there is no will but God's.

W-pI.87.4. These are some useful forms of this idea for specific applications:

2 Let me perceive this in accordance with the Will of God.
3 It is God's Will you are His Son, [name], and mine as well.
4 This is part of God's Will for me, however I may see it.

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