A Course in Miracles – Chapter 23: The War against Yourself – Introduction

T-23.in.1. Do you not see the opposite of frailty and weakness is sinlessness? 2 Innocence is strength, and nothing else is strong. 3 The sinless cannot fear, for sin of any kind is weakness. 4 The show of strength attack would use to cover frailty conceals it not, for how can the unreal be hidden? 5 No one is strong who has an enemy, and no one can attack unless he thinks he has. 6 Belief in enemies is therefore the belief in weakness, and what is weak is not the Will of God. 7 Being opposed to it, it is God's "enemy." 8 And God is feared as an opposing will.

T-23.in.2. How strange indeed becomes this war against yourself! 2 You will believe that everything you use for sin can hurt you and become your enemy. 3 And you will fight against it, and try to weaken it because of this; and you will think that you succeeded, and attack again. 4 It is as certain you will fear what you attack as it is sure that you will love what you perceive as sinless. 5 He walks in peace who travels sinlessly along the way love shows him. 6 For love walks with him there, protecting him from fear. 7 And he will see only the sinless, who can not attack.

T-23.in.3. Walk you in glory, with your head held high, and fear no evil. 2 The innocent are safe because they share their innocence. 3 Nothing they see is harmful, for their awareness of the truth releases everything from the illusion of harmfulness. 4 And what seemed harmful now stands shining in their innocence, released from sin and fear and happily returned to love. 5 They share the strength of love because they looked on innocence. 6 And every error disappeared because they saw it not. 7 Who looks for glory finds it where it is. 8 Where could it be but in the innocent?

T-23.in.4. Let not the little interferers pull you to littleness. 2 There can be no attraction of guilt in innocence. 3 Think what a happy world you walk, with truth beside you! 4 Do not give up this world of freedom for a little sigh of seeming sin, nor for a tiny stirring of guilt's attraction. 5 Would you, for all these meaningless distractions, lay Heaven aside? 6 Your destiny and purpose are far beyond them, in the clean place where littleness does not exist. 7 Your purpose is at variance with littleness of any kind. 8 And so it is at variance with sin.

T-23.in.5. Let us not let littleness lead God's Son into temptation. 2 His glory is beyond it, measureless and timeless as eternity. 3 Do not let time intrude upon your sight of him. 4 Leave him not frightened and alone in his temptation, but help him rise above it and perceive the light of which he is a part. 5 Your innocence will light the way to his, and so is yours protected and kept in your awareness. 6 For who can know his glory, and perceive the little and the weak about him? 7 Who can walk trembling in a fearful world, and realize that Heaven's glory shines on him?

T-23.in.6. Nothing around you but is part of you. 2 Look on it lovingly, and see the light of Heaven in it. 3 So will you come to understand all that is given you. 4 In kind forgiveness will the world sparkle and shine, and everything you once thought sinful now will be reinterpreted as part of Heaven. 5 How beautiful it is to walk, clean and redeemed and happy, through a world in bitter need of the redemption that your innocence bestows upon it! 6 What can you value more than this? 7 For here is your salvation and your freedom. 8 And it must be complete if you would recognize it.

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