A Course in Miracles – Manual for Teachers – 9. Are Changes Required in the Life Situation of God's Teachers?

M-9.1. Changes are required in the minds of God's teachers. 2 This may or may not involve changes in the external situation. 3 Remember that no one is where he is by accident, and chance plays no part in God's plan. 4 It is most unlikely that changes in attitudes would not be the first step in the newly made teacher of God's training. 5 There is, however, no set pattern, since training is always highly individualized. 6 There are those who are called upon to change their life situation almost immediately, but these are generally special cases. 7 By far the majority are given a slowly evolving training program, in which as many previous mistakes as possible are corrected. 8 Relationships in particular must be properly perceived, and all dark cornerstones of unforgiveness removed. 9 Otherwise the old thought system still has a basis for return.

M-9.2. As the teacher of God advances in his training, he learns one lesson with increasing thoroughness. 2 He does not make his own decisions; he asks his Teacher for His answer, and it is this he follows as his guide for action. 3 This becomes easier and easier, as the teacher of God learns to give up his own judgment. 4 The giving up of judgment, the obvious prerequisite for hearing God's Voice, is usually a fairly slow process, not because it is difficult, but because it is apt to be perceived as personally insulting. 5 The world's training is directed toward achieving a goal in direct opposition to that of our curriculum. 6 The world trains for reliance on one's judgment as the criterion for maturity and strength. 7 Our curriculum trains for the relinquishment of judgment as the necessary condition of salvation.

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